project on La pared dedication

New Project On La Pared Beach

Yesterday afternoon the Mayor, Jesus Marquez Rodriguez, and the administration of Luquillo held a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new promenade stone wall in the La Pared beach. The new wall will include an accessibility ramp, be more attractive and welcoming to beach goers, and provide a safer way to get to access the sand.

la pared project

The ceremony was attended by Luquillo residents and featured prominent guests from Puerto Rican senate, including President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, Eduardo Bhatia, the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs OCAM, Carlos M. Santini, Sen. Roxana Lopez, Sen. Pedro Rodriguez, Sen. Luis Daniel Rivera, among other special guests. In addition, the ceremony included a blessing by Father Frédo, from Parroquia San José Luquillo.


This project will include collaboration with important local stakeholder groups, like the Luquillo Surf Rescue Services and the Surfers of Luquillo. In his speech, the Mayor, stated that the goal of this project is to preserve the natural environment, while at the same time providing a nice, safe area for residents to enjoy the La Pared beach.

la pared

What an amazing project!

Thank you Mayor Marquez Rodriguez and City of Luquillo!

We look forward to seeing this project develop.