Luquillo visitor seasons

Luquillo Visitor Seasons – When Is The Best Time To Visit

Visitor Seasons In Luquillo

Luquillo is located on the northeastern side of Puerto Rico. As such, we have slightly different visitor (or tourist) seasons than other parts of the island. In general, as in other areas, there are two distinct weather seasons: the winter and the summer. Winters here are characterized by cooler weather and summers are characterized by warmer, wetter weather (see Luquillo Weather for details). The weather seasons also coincide with distinctly different types of visitors to Luquillo, i.e. visitor seasons.

Below is a description of what you can expect during different times of the year:

Luquillo Visitor Seasons: Winter

Months: November – April

Weather: 70-82 average

Water: sea is a bit rougher, bigger waves, avg. temp is 82 degrees

Main type of visitors: many North Americans, especially retirees that spend every winter in Puerto Rico

Atmosphere: quiet, peaceful, little beach activity. It is not unusual for the beaches to be nearly empty. You will see people walking the beach, picking up the trash, and even sunning themselves but there are not too many swimmers during winter months.

La Pared beach sees the most surfers during this time of year because the waves are biggest then. It’s a great time to learn to surf.

Luquillo visitor seasons

Luquillo Visitor Seasons: Summer

Months: May – August

Weather: 80-90 degrees, wetter than in the winter months. There may be an occasional rainy day and more cloudiness but it is not as common as you might think, there are still lots of beautiful sunny days to enjoy. This is also the tropical storm/hurricane season (though Puerto Rico rarely gets hit by a major storm).

Water: very calm and very warm, avg. temp is 84 degrees

Main type of visitors: mostly local Puerto Ricans from around the San Juan area. Luquillo is one of the main beach destinations (if not THE beach destination) for locals in Puerto Rico.

If you’re the type that likes to do what the locals do, this is the time to visit.

Atmosphere: boisterous, loud, fun, party atmosphere on the beaches. Lots of visitors take advantage of the calm waters to swim and snorkel during this time of the year. Groups of people with beach canopies, chairs, tables and even grills come out and enjoy the beach for the day or even weekend.

This time of year, you can expect lots of noise, cars with loud music, and people playing beach sports. This is also the time of the year that you will find people camping on the beaches, usually in the Balneario Monserrate but sometimes even at the Luquillo beach behind Luquillo’s Kioskos.

Luquillo visitor seasons

Luquillo Visitor Seasons: Fall

Months: September – mid-November

Weather: still pretty hot and wet, 78 – 88 degrees avg. temps

Water: warm, waves are slowly becoming bigger

Type of visitors and atmosphere: This is technically not a season, it is the slow time between seasons, it is after the local children have gone back to school and before the American retirees arrive. It tends to be somewhere between the two main seasons. The weekends can still be pretty busy on the beaches but things are definitely quieter and winding down for the winter.

So, which season is best? That is completely up to you to decide.

What do you prefer? Boisterous and loud? Or quiet and laidback? During both visitor seasons it is very easy to find vacation rentals. We have all times of accommodations: hotels/inns, condos, and BnBs. So, come visit Luquillo any time you like!