Luquillo Puerto Rico Picture Gallery

Luquillo Puerto Rico Picture Gallery

– Luquillo Puerto Rico Picture Gallery –

Welcome to our Luquillo Puerto Rico Picture gallery. From here you can get a glimpse of the beautiful beaches and scenery in Luquillo.  In addition, we have many public artworks including murals and mosaics created by renown artisans.

You can also see some photos from local events such as our Festival de Tingular (Leatherback Turtle Festival) and St. Patrick’s day parade.

Puerto Ricans are warm, fun-loving people who will use any excuse to throw a party. So, come and visit us any time of the year and join whatever holiday celebration we’re having that week.

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 – Luquillo PR – Events Pictures –

Yes, that last picture is of a green dalmatian (don’t worry it was non-toxic chalk dust). I told you people in Luquillo love to party. The go all out every time.

Did you like your virtual trip? Beautiful isn’t it? Makes you want to come doesn’t it?

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Your paradise awaits in beautiful Luquillo Puerto Rico!!!