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Although a small town, Luquillo is not small on taste, there are many, many restaurants to choose from when visiting Luquillo. The famous Luquillo food kiosks (Kioskos de Luquillo) are located here, as well as many other great places to eat.

TripAdvisor lists 58 restaurants in Luquillo, but there are that many just in the kiosks and far more scattered around town. If you are a gastrophile, you will not be disappointed with the variety of food in Luquillo and you will find something for every taste and for far cheaper than anywhere in the San Juan area.

Kioskos de Luquillo

Luquillo PR Good Eats

The food kiosks in Luquillo are a long row of rustic-looking buildings (think food shacks) that house a lovely surprise – 50+ restaurants of all types. You will find something for every taste – guaranteed.

Some of the restaurants have names, others simply have a number on them; some places are new and some have been run by the same family for more than 20 years.

You will find typical Puerto Rican food in the Kioskos, as well as, American fare and everything in between. For example, Kiosko # 42 (Ceviche Hut) serves excellent Peruvian Ceviche, while Oh Bonito! Grill (Kiosko # 21) delights with wood-oven-fired pizzas.

All the Kioskos provide open-air, casual dining and are found on the east (ocean) side of Route 3 as you enter Luquillo, traveling from San Juan.

Each Kiosko has its own hours of operation, some are open for lunch and some are not, some are open 7 days per week and some are not but no matter when you stop by the Luquillo Kioskos, you will find something good to eat here in a fun and casual setting. These unque Luquillo eats provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience

Other Restaurants In Luquillo

Luquillo Eat

Don’t miss out on the great variety of other restaurants in town, you will find something for every taste, many of which are owner-chef operated family affairs that provide excellent service and a local Puerto Rican experience.

Some restaurants of note around town:

  • Pasta y Pueblo
  • El Rincon Del Sabor
  • The Brass Cactus Bar and Grill
  • Boardriders
  • Ely’s Place
  • Smoke House BBQ
  • Lolita’s
  • Erik’s Gyros
  • And many more…

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