Festival de Coco Luquillo Puerto Rico

Festival de Coco (Coconut Festival) in Luquillo

Yesterday, we had our 10th annual Festival de Coco in Luquillo Plaza. Many folks came out to hang out, party, and listen to some great music. There was no shortage of good food and beautiful local artwork either!

The atmosphere was happy and cheerful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Although the weather was hot, there were still plenty of people that came out and enjoyed the festivities. However, evening was when things really started hopping and the crowds got big. There was dancing, singing, music, food, art, and good cheer!

Check out some of the pictures:

Festival de Coco Luquillo PR
Beautiful Dancers
Coconut Festival Luquillo PR
Nice, hot weather.
Festival de Coco Yummy food
Great food.
Food Truck Luquillo Puerto Rico
Street food. Yum. Food truck.
Coconut Festival Luquillo Puerto Rico
Big crowds showed when the sun started to go down.
Coconut Festival Luquillo Puerto Rico
Excellent music!
Coconut Festival Luquillo Puerto Rico
Lots of vendors.

Come join us next year for the next Festival de Coco!