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Community Emergency Response Team Training and Information

The local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) of Luquillo would like everyone to know that there is CERT training available to the Luquillo community. Any group of 25 or more qualifies to receive the CPR-First Aid-AED training at a discounted rate of $65 per person, providing they are residents of Luquillo.

Currently an English Only Course for Playa Azul is being organized. This program is a tool from FEMA and the Development of Resilient Communities of Luquillo to help residents be prepared in the event of an emergency, such as a tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, etc.

All proceeds from the course are donated to Luquillo East Coast First Responders Trainers and Instructors.

What is CERT?

Community Emergency Response Team is a program that helps train individuals to be prepared to respond to emergencies in their communities. With such training,  when emergencies occur, CERT-trained individuals can offer support to first responders, provide immediate aid to victims, and even organize volunteers at disaster locations.

CERT Training Available

  1. Introduction, Disaster Awareness
  2. Disaster Fire Suppression
  3. Disaster Medical Operations (Session 1)
  4. Disaster Medical Operations (Session 2) and Multi-Casualty Incident
  5. Light Search & Rescue Operations
  6. Team Organization & Disaster Psychology
  7. Terrorism & Homeland Defense

Luquillo CERT Goals:

The goal is to prepare 5 Barrios and 63 Sectors for the Municipality of Luquillo for emergencies and natural disasters, whether you are a guest, visitor, tourist, or resident.

To register for or request a class, please contact:

Nilda Bonano, Instructor 787-435-1296  (picture above) OR

OMME Luquillo 787-889-3193

Other Information:

CERT is a training tool for the Community Resilience Program of the Municipal Office for Emergency Management.

Director, Pablo Rosa Suarez 787-889-3193

Luquillo Water Safety:

  • Be aware of local weather conditions
  • Lightening and thunder storms, come out of the water as soon as possible.
  • Public beaches do not have lifeguards on duty.
  • El Balneario Monserrate does have lifeguards.
  • Understand and respect the meaning of the beach flags.
  • When swimming, select a an area with no currents and with lifeguard on duty.
  • Watch children at all times.
  • If you are not a good swimmer, wear a life jacket.
  • Use caution when playing games, do not dive head first into shallow water.
  • If you feel tired or cold, leave the water.
  • Only go into water when sober and 2-hours after eating a heavy meal.
  • Do not get into the water after dark.
  • Learn the local Tsunami Route.

CERT Luquillo Emergency Directory


9-1-1 Emergency Response

787-889-2020 State Police Department

787-889-3193 Local Emergency Management Office

787-889-2525 City Hall


Facebook Page

Water issues and Shortages – Autoridad Acueductos Alcantarillados

Energy Issues – Autoridad Energia Electrica

Take a CERT Course and become a valuable resource to the Luquillo community!