Luquillo Business Listing


Luquillo Business Listing

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Type: Webpage Design and Hosting
Location: Online based in Costa Azul, Luquillo
Phone Number: 734-408-1618

Description: Specializes in WordPress website design, site monetization, and expert content creation. Helping you improve business through building internet presence and social media marketing. Weather you need a new website or a refresh of an existing one, JTR Tech can help.


Luquillo Computer MedicLuquillo Computer Medic

Type: Computer Repair
Location: Sabana, Luquillo
Phone Number: 734-834-9783

Description: Specializes in computer repair, systems installation, configuration, and maintenance. Diagnostics, computer tune-ups, hardware repair, software installations, personal and corporate e-mail systems, enterprise systems. Project Management Professional certified. 

Feria Agricola de Luquillo

Type: Farmers Market
Location: Centro de Arte y Cultura de Luquillo
Dates: 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month

Description: The mission of the Agricultural Fair of Luquillo is to provide a community gathering place that increases consumer access to fresh and locally produced food and wares, as well as supports, and promotes the entrepreneurial efforts of local, independent, and small-scale farmers and artisans from the Eastern points of Puerto Rico. 


Centropiezas Plus

D&J Auto

Farmacia Marena

CGS Rentals

Type: Tool rental & trimmer, mower and tractor parts sales
Location: Road #3 Km 41.8
Phone: 787-863-3364

Luquillo Dry Cleaner

Luquillo Fitness Bootcamp

Type: Fitness
Location: La Pared (Mon – Fri @7am -text for more info)
Phone: 939-891-9215

Luquillo Taxi & Tours Puerto Rico

Type: Taxi & Tours
Location: PO Box 454 Luquillo, PR 00773
Phone:  787-513-7685

Master Auto Glass & Body Parts

Olmo’s Unisex Hair Salon

Type: Hair salon, barber
Location: 117 Calle Fernandez Garcia, Luquillo 00773
Phone: 787-889-3900

Playa Azul Laundromat

Radio Joe FM 106.1

Type: Radio Station
Location: Luquillo Plaza
Phone: 787-355-0090


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Aquarium Restaurant

Aroma’s Coffee & Crepes


Ay Bonito! Grill


Carabalí Bar & Grill

Ceviche Hut

Con Coquí Bar and Restaurant

Congas by The Sea

Cuti’s Coffee and Ice cream

Don Faustino Restaurant

Edelweiss Grill & Bar

El Hamberguito

El Jefe Burger Shack

El Rincón Del Sabor

Ely’s Place

Erik’s Gyros & International Deli


Gringo’s Bar and Grill


King Seafood

La Diferencia

La Frutera Flores

La Parilla

Lolitas Mexican Restaurant

Luquillo Beach BBQ


Nando’s Taqueria

Pasta y Pueblo

Revolution Pizza Shop

Smoke House BBQ

Taco Bell

Taco Maker

Terruño Restaurant

Location: Kiosko #20, Luquillo
Phone: 787-889-8989

The Brass Cactus

The Osso Buco

William’s Pizza

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Luquillo Sunrise Inn

Hotel Yunque Mar

Rainforest & Ocean View Inn at Hacienda Carabalí

Windham Grand Rio Mar

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Balneario Luquillo

Bob’s East Island Surfing Adventures

Carabalí Rainforest Park

Luquillo Flyboard

Type: Flyboard Rental
Location: Luquillo Beach
Phone Number: 787-909-1372

Description: A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack attached to a personal water craft (PWC) which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through air and water to perform a sport known as flyboarding. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 metres in the air or to dive headlong through the water.


La Pared Surf Shop & School

Luquillo Beach Boys Surfschool

Luquillo Xtreme

Type:  Water rentals and tours
Location: Beach in back of Luquillo Kiosks
Phone: 787-981-8829

Sun Capital Kayak Rentals

Type:  Kayak and paddleboard rentals
Location: Punta La Bandera, Costa Azul beach
Phone: 787-662-2626, 787-403-6653


Surfing Puerto Rico

Tattoo Tavern

Yunke Zipline Adventure

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Real Estate:

Enter Real Estate Network

Location: Luquillo, PR
Phone: 787-422-7700

Playa Azul Realty

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U.S. Post Office

Location: 160 Calle 14 De Julio, Luquillo, PR 00773
Phone: 787-889-3170

Town Hall

Location: Luquillo Plaza
Phone: 787-889-2525

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St. Joseph Catholic Church

Location: The Plaza
Phone: 787-889-2590

Iglesia Hermanos Unidos

Maranatha Bible Church

Location: Calle 6 / Brisas Del Mar, Luquillo, PR 00773
Phone: 787-889-4752

Iglesia Adventista de Luquillo

Locatoin: 2 Calle Veve Calzada , Luquillo, PR 00773
Phone: 787-889-2575

Iglesia Pentecostal Unida de Puerto Rico

Location: Urb. Vista de Luquillo V-1 final (al lado de cancha pequeñas ligas), Luquillo, PR
Phone: 787-556-4426

Pentecostal Mission Church

(Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Mi)
Location:  983 Km 5.2 Sabana, Luquillo

Mision Pentecostal Asamblea de Dios

Location:  Fortuna, Luquillo PR

Iglesia Bautista Luquillo Del Mar

Location: CC18 Calle A Urb Luquillo Mar, Luquillo 00773

Iglesia Juan 14..6

Location: 992 Km 1.10, Luquillo

Iglesia Bautista de Jerusalem

Location: 990 Km 0.1 Mata de Platano, Luquillo

Unity Luz del Este

Location: CAL 51 14 de Julio, Luquillo

Iglesia Movimiento Evangelico Jesucristo Es El Camino y La Verdad

Location: Carr 992 Km 1.1, Luquillo

Iglesia Valle de Saron Defensores

Location: Carr 984 Km 1.2 J Martin, Luquillo

Testigo de Jehova de Luquillo

Location: CAL 13 10 Bo Fortuna, Luquillo

Iglesia de Dios de La Profecia

Location: 988 Km 0.4 Bo Pitahaya, Luquillo

Iglesia Adventista de Pitahaya

Location: Carr 983 Km 1.8 Bo Pitahaya, Luquillo

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