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We offer two types of listings: Basic and Enhanced. We also offer dedicated business web pages for your business on

BASIC Listing


All BASIC listings are free. They include Name, Location, Type of business, and Phone Number. You can list non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, government agencies, and faith institutions. New business categories are being added regularly, so no matter what your business type, we can list it.

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All ENHANCED listings are only $4.95/month. They include the BASIC listing plus Color Name HeadingLink to your existing website, Description of your business, and a LOGO. [The description (up to 250 characters) and 100 px logo are provided by you and can be in English or Spanish.] We color-match your name and Web address, to your logo. See example below.

Example of an Enhanced listing:

Logo Your Business Name

Type: Education and Tutoring
Location: Calle ABC, Luquillo, PR 00773
Phone Number: 787-854-XXXX

Description: This is an example description. You can list what your business specilizes in in 250 characters or less (usually 3 sentences), or you can use key words that describe your business. This description can be in English or Spanish.

To Submit an ENHANCED listing click    Enhanced

Business WEB PAGE or entire Website


In today’s business landscape, it is vitally important to have an internet business page. It is your electronic store front. We offer your business an opportunity to reach out to a broader audience by creating a web page dedicated only to you. You can choose from either a single page embedded within website, or an entire dedicated website (multiple pages) with its own URL Name.

Now you can showcase your business and its services, menus, coupons, etc. to the entire world via the internet.

All Web Pages and Sites created by us include an ENHANCED business listing on Luquillo PR’s Business Listing Page. Cost of dedicated pages and sites varies depending on what your requirements are, prices start at $9.95/month. Contact us for more info

Example of an embedded business web page (click picture to open sample):

Sample Business Page
Click picture to see sample page

To request information about creating a Web Page click   Page Info