Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican Coffee Anyone?

Ready for the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had? Call it coffee, joe, java, brew, cuppa, jolt, or even nectar of the gods; whatever your favorite name, coffee is drank by millions and is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is no different here in Puerto Rico – an estimated thirty million pounds of coffee are consumed in Puerto Rico every year. When you visit Luquillo, the locals will proudly tell you that the Pope drinks Puerto Rican coffee. You may…

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Festival de Coco Luquillo Puerto Rico

Festival de Coco (Coconut Festival) in Luquillo

Yesterday, we had our 10th annual Festival de Coco in Luquillo Plaza. Many folks came out to hang out, party, and listen to some great music. There was no shortage of good food and beautiful local artwork either! The atmosphere was happy and cheerful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Although the weather was hot, there were still plenty of people that came out and enjoyed the festivities. However, evening was when things really started hopping and the crowds got big. There was dancing, singing, music,…

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Economy Q & A

Questions and Answers About The Economy In Puerto Rico

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About The Economy in Puerto Rico: There has been a lot of negative publicity about Puerto Rico recently, in regards to its deficit and economy. Consequently, visitors to the island are worried and sometimes reluctant to come here, simply because all they hear is doom and gloom on the news regarding our beautiful island. It is important to remember that media’s job is to create a buzz, to get people to read or listen to their stuff. Hence, the reality in Puerto…

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project on La pared dedication

New Project On La Pared Beach

Yesterday afternoon the Mayor, Jesus Marquez Rodriguez, and the administration of Luquillo held a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of a new promenade stone wall in the La Pared beach. The new wall will include an accessibility ramp, be more attractive and welcoming to beach goers, and provide a safer way to get to access the sand. The ceremony was attended by Luquillo residents and featured prominent guests from Puerto Rican senate, including President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, Eduardo Bhatia, the Commissioner of…

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Puerto_Rican_parrot Luquillo PR

The Puerto Rican Parrot

Here in Luquillo we have one of the world’s most endangered birds – The Puerto Rican Parrot. Called “Iguaca” by the Taino Indians, these beautiful birds with their green and blue feathers and distinctive red spot used to darken the skies when the Spanish first arrived in Puerto Rico. However, following centuries of poaching and habitat destruction culminating with  Hurricane Hugo in 1989, there were only about 22 individual parrots left in the wild. But, thanks to conservation efforts, they’re making a slow but steady comeback and it’s…

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island time

Island Time

Island Time in Puerto Rico When you go on vacation, the point is to slow down and “stop to smell the roses”, so to speak. Right? [Or in Puerto Rico’s case, “stop to smell the ocean air” or “stop to smell the guavas” or “stop to smell the forest”…] Well, you get the point and that is what vacations should be. Many of us have different styles and some prefer to explore and stay busy, while others like to relax and spend their time on…

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Jellyfish season in Luquillo

Jellyfish Season In Luquillo

Jellyfish are those pesky little things that can ruin your ocean swimming experience. We often get asked: when is the jellyfish season in Puerto Rico? That is a tricky question because jellyfish are in the ocean year-round but there are certain times of the year when they are more prevalent. So, here is the rundown on Jellyfish: What are Jellyfish? Jellyfish are gelatinous, free-swimming marine animals. Their bodies are made of an “umbrella-shaped bell” and trailing tentacles. The bell (body) vibrates to allow jellyfish to move…

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Luquillo visitor seasons

Luquillo Visitor Seasons – When Is The Best Time To Visit

Visitor Seasons In Luquillo Luquillo is located on the northeastern side of Puerto Rico. As such, we have slightly different visitor (or tourist) seasons than other parts of the island. In general, as in other areas, there are two distinct weather seasons: the winter and the summer. Winters here are characterized by cooler weather and summers are characterized by warmer, wetter weather (see Luquillo Weather for details). The weather seasons also coincide with distinctly different types of visitors to Luquillo, i.e. visitor seasons. Below is…

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Mofongo recipe

Tostones And Mofongo Recipe

Puerto Rican Tostones And Mofongo Recipe If you have visited Puerto Rico, you likely already tried Mofongo and Tostones – two of the most popular, traditional food items on the island. You tried them, you loved them, and now you are back home and you want them again. So, what do you do? You have two choices: (1) Find a restaurant near you that serves them or (2) Make them at home yourself. Unless your town has a Puerto Rican restaurant, the first option will…

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Update on Tropical Storm Erika Impact in Puerto Rico

Situation is looking pretty serious. According to Caribbean News, here is the latest update on Erika and the measures Puerto Rico has taken to protect itself: In a statement, the Hurricane Center said: “Erika began tracking somewhat south of the previous forecast when it crossed the Windward Islands and is now forecast to track directly over central Puerto Rico overnight tonight. Now most areas of Puerto Rico will experience sustained storm force winds greater than 40 mph…with gusts up to 60 mph possible,” adding, “Rainfall…

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