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Best Luquillo Beaches

Luquillo Beaches Information:

Luquillo is not the type of destination where you will find beaches lined with hotels, tourist shops, restaurants, and traffic. Instead, you can expect to find a strip of coastline that is miles long, runs along the town, and where you can walk from one beach to the next. Combined, the beaches of Luquillo stretch over 12 miles and are each unique in character and visitors they attract.

The following is an overview of our best beaches and their major highlights to help you plan your next visit to Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Balneario Monserrate

La Monserrate Beach Luquillo

Located just south of the Luquillo Food Kiosks off PR-3. This is the most popular and well-known beach in Luquillo. It is part of a beachfront park that is maintained by the government and therefore you can expect it be clean and have amenities. It is also a Blue Flag Beach, which means that it meets stringent ecological criteria. A Blue Flag is a prestigious and highly respected international eco-label issued by Foundation for Environmental Education.


  • Well-maintained bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Life guards
  • Camping area
  • Picnic areas
  • Basketball courts
  • Lots of equipment rentals, see post about Equipment Rentals
  • Close to the Food Kiosks


  • Crescent-shape surrounded by reefs
  • Calm waters, small waves
  • Large sand area
  • Blue Flag Beach designation
  • Excellent for swimming
  • Lots of shade available

Entrance fee: $4.50 for parking

Note: Luquillo beach and Monserrate beach are often confused but they are not the same. Luquillo beach is a public beach adjacent to Monserrate on the west side. It is located directly behind the Luquillo Food Kiosks.

It is free to enter and it is popular with the locals because it is close to food\drink\bathrooms of the Kiosks but it has a reputation for being a party beach. Because of its location, it also borders Kiosks’ trash dumpsters, and so it is often littered with trash, which is unfortunate.

If you are visiting Luquillo for the first time, please try one of our nicer beaches first.

Playa Azul

Playa Azul Beach Luquillo

Located just 1.5 miles southeast down the coast from Monserrate beach, you will find Playa Azul. It is a public beach and is surrounded by a residential neighborhood full of condos and vacation homes. It is a nice public beach that is very popular with San Juan residents during the summer months and North American visitors in the winter months.


  • Beach volleyball net
  • Equipment rentals on the north and south end
  • No bathrooms but there are couple of bars\restaurant a block up from the beach
  • Centrally located to restaurants and condos
  • Can park right on the road in front of the beach


  • Wide strip of sand lined with Palm trees
  • Lots of shade available
  • Calm waters but bigger waves than Monserrate
  • Good for swimming
  • Good for boogie boarding, especially in winter months
  • Decent snorkeling at the reefs on either end of the beach
  • Good beginner surfing at the south end of the beach

Entrance fee: free public beach

La Pared Beach

La Pared Beach Luquillo

This beach is adjacent to the south of Playa Azul beach and is located right in downtown Luquillo. It is known as the surfing beach of Luquillo and it gets its name from the large retaining city wall that borders it. It is very popular with experienced surfers in the winter months.


  • No bathrooms but there are restaurants across the street
  • Equipment rentals
  • Surfing lessons onsite
  • Large free parking lot across the street


  • Not as wide as the above two beaches but still quite nice.
  • Strong currents
  • Large waves, especially in winter
  • Rip currents
  • Good for surfing but not swimming
  • Not much shade

Entrance fee: free public beach

La Selva Beach

Luquillo Beaches

This is a beach in the protected area of the Northeast Ecological Corridor. To get to it you will need to walk (about 35 minutes or roughly 2 miles) down the coast from La Pared.

Since this is a remote, protected nature area, you will mostly find surfers and wildlife here. It is not unusual to see leatherback turtle nests – please do not disturb them. These giant turtles are endangered and disturbing their nests will get you a hefty fine!

The walk to La Selva from La Pared is beautiful and it goes through wooded and marshy areas. This strip of coastline, however, is very secluded – so it is best not to walk it alone. There are no amenities here – just nature – but the surf is good. La Selva beach is arguably the best surfing spot in the eastern Puerto Rico.