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Amigos De Luquillo – Volunteers Are Making A Difference

It started as a conversion between friends and grew into a group of volunteers that are making a difference in Luquillo. From the recently started Farmers Market (Feria Agricola De Luquillo) to a mural painting project, the members of the Amigos De Luquillo group are making a difference in their community.

amigos de luquillo mural

“It’s about time Luquillo had access to locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables” said one shopper at the last weekend’s market, “This is way overdue” said another.  It seems that the residents are embracing the market.

To add the icing on the cake, three local artists worked together with the Amigos group to create beautiful murals at the location of the market.  Artists Heidi Martínez, Enrique Rodríguez, and  Mareni Estrada donated their talent and time to make the Art And Culture Center of Luquillo more beautiful.

The three murals were meticulously drawn out by their creators and then the Amigos De Luquillo volunteers came out to help paint between the lines.


“It’s like paint by number, only better!” said one of the volunteers.

Against all odds, Amigos De Luquillo are plowing forward to make a difference in the Luquillo community. Originally, the painting project was going to include 60 corporate volunteers from Interface – an international carpet tile manufacturer – but their plans were changed due to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus on the island. But that did not stop the project.

Amigos De Luquillo volunteers farmers market

The company was gracious enough to purchase the paint and supplies for the murals anyway and the Mayor and the City of Luquillo donated paint for the building.

“The municipality has been great” said one of the Amigos De Luquillo committee members. “They allowed us to use this amazing venue that has been vacant and in disrepair for many years and now the community can finally use it and enjoy it.”

It was amazing to watch the crowds that came out to support the first two markets and the number of people taking pictures of the new murals.


“We have already expanded the number of vendors” says the committee. “And we have lots of many great things to do yet. We want to do regular beach cleanups, an Art Fair, and more painting to beautify our city.”

It looks like, we can expect many more things to come from this dedicated group of volunteers that seek to make a difference.

Check out the next Farmers Market and the beautiful murals on February 27, 8:00AM-1:00PM. More info at