4th of July in Luquillo

4th Of July In Luquillo

How Does Luquillo Celebrate 4th of July?


You may be wondering if 4th of July gets celebrated in Puerto Rico – it is USA Independence Day, after all. The answer is: yes, it does but it is a little different from in the mainland U.S.  Puerto Rico is part of USA and so all USA federal holidays are also observed here.

The biggest difference is that, typically, this holiday is reserved for beach going and parties but you may also notice the absence of fireworks. This is because the big day for fireworks in Puerto Rico is New Year’s Day instead.

Luquillo gets quite busy with San Juan tourist during the  4th of July. The local beaches in Luquillo get full on this weekend. You will see groups of beachgoers, with friends and family, setting up on the shores of the ocean. It is not unusual to see folks bring canopies, folding tables, and even full size grills. You may even see tables for dominos and other games setup on the beaches.

Usually everyone shows up early to reserve their spot on the beach – shaded areas with easy access to parking (i.e. the car) are most popular. You can also expect an influx of beach vendors; there are typically ice cream vendors, lemonade vendors, and food vendors. In addition, there is a lot of opportunity for beach rentals, such as chairs, umbrellas, or ocean kayaks.

The bottom line is that everyone plans to spend the day (or even the weekend) at the beach and everyone has a great time.

Yunquetazo Fest 2015

In the evening of the 4th of July in Luquillo, you will find a large festival in the city plaza where you can enjoy live music and a jovial, fair-like, atmosphere.  This year we saw another large turnout for the Yunquetazo Fest and hundreds of people having fun.

Famous performers such as Tito Nieves, Gomba Jahbari, Joseph Fonseca and Grupo Mania provided entertainment to be enjoyed by all.

So, come join us next time for the 4th of July festivities in Luquillo and don’t miss out on the fun!